Amusement machines – good business for laid-back investors

How strong of a business can you make with entertainment machines? What should you consider when starting out?

It’s easy to get into arcade games or other entertainment machines. First, you have to get a hold of at least one – by buying or leasing it. Then there is the question of where to put it. Best spots are bars, restaurants, vistas, any place that attracts traffic and at the same time allows visitors to stop and relax. Once you secure such a place, simply leave a machine, make sure it is working and wait for profits. Literally all that is left is maintenance, which includes retrieving money from the arcades. The process is usually very easy and requires little technical skill – anyone can do this. You will not even need employees to run a modest business.

The idea is simple. How hard can it be to bring it to life? How much work does it really cost? Where’s the catch? Well, there are a few things you should be ready for or think through before investing.

Use reliable entertainment machines

Make sure your entertainment machine supplier offers technical service. This is extremely important if you want to have as easy time as possible with your business. Check the terms of service before buying and factor it into your decision-making process. The longer the service period and the more generous the terms, the better. Avoid purchasing used equipment from second-hand shops that do not provide technical service – unless, that is, you are specifically hunting for vintage machines.

Secure spots for your machines first

You need a permission from the owner to put your machines on the spot. This seems obvious, but deals you strike with venue owners can influence greatly the profitability of your business. Start from finding and securing spots for entertainment machines before you actually buy any. Think beforehand about what you can offer, who can support you and how all this factors into your future profits.

Your earnings will vary

Profit from entertainment machines can vary greatly, depending on the chosen spot, popularity of a given game, and even on the season of the year. It is always a good idea to monitor the amount of money each machine generates. By comparing their performance in time you can learn invaluable lessons about your business – select the best placement, optimize earnings. On the other hand, very few other businesses require so little care once established. If you just want some extra income and do not care about optimizations, amusement machines are bound to deliver either way. Just be ready for shifts in performance from site to site and from season to season.

Maintenance is not only repairs

Hopefully any repairs will be covered by the supplier’s service and all you will have to do is making a call. However, you may discover that your machines return good profit from one spot on a given time – for example, during the holiday season. To maximize the performance of this site, you could decide to move there machines from other places. Operations such as this will require extra effort. You should consider this beforehand.

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